Tuesday, August 23, 2011


With each other; spirit body soul
All left behind, our hearts at rest
let’s hand in hand take a dusk stroll
through the scented mystical forest.
Let the breeze blow against our faces
watching beautiful butterflies flutter by
as we, gracefully move
along the ageless footpath

Stop. for a while let’s be silent…

so our spirits may speak
to each other till they are one.
Guide me to you, your inner self
as I, wholly unfold bare myself.
Some speak of whirlwinds, earthquakes
others desire erupting volcanoes
but let ours be a cool calm river.

May we be cascading waters that wind
smoothly in sync with contiguous nature
with strongest of bonds and same mind
enjoying each point of the adventure
taking the bends when we can
flowing downstream,
picking up momentum
as we draw nigh to the cliff.

May we plunge as a waterfall
down that ancient rock
into blissful oblivion imbibing
the bubble moment midair.
Only to fall down below
to resume our smooth flow

May our heartbeat be the percussion
in the celebration that’s this fusion,
may it play a steady tempo
to our soulful music legato
yet let the energy build into a crescendo
only to quieten back down into a…
       sweet soft symphony

May ours be a river
Music played Legato.

© Joseph Berunga

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