FEMRITE is an acronym for Uganda Women Writers' Association. Our mission is to build a sustainable platform for Ugandan women to contribute to national development through creative writing.

· Sisterhood
· Voluntarism
· Love of Books
· Integrity
· Commitment to writing
· Professionalism

FEMRITE is an indigenous, non governmental, non-profit making women’s organisation that promotes Ugandan creative women writers through training and publishing.

FEMRITE was established in 1995 but was officially launched on 3rd May 1996. The organisation came into being at a time when the Ugandan literary scene had no visible creative literature written by women.

FEMRITE is a membership organisation and currently has 103 registered full members and five honorary members

Current programme objectives
· To promote creative women writers
· To make heard stories of marginalized women
· To coordinate and network with other women writers associations in Africa
· To network with national and international development partners in literary activities
· To lobby for literacy rights for the Ugandan girl child
· To promote reading and writing
· To build the institutional capacity of the organisation
· To provide space, resource and inspiration for Ugandan and African women to write their stories

FEMRITE resource centre

Current programmes
· Publishing creative works by Ugandan women writers
· Publishing stories of marginalized women
· Training emerging  women writers in creative writing skills
· Promoting reading through public dialogues, public readings and children’s reading tents
· Running a well equipped resource and ICT centre, which provides space and opportunities for women to write, read and network nationally and internationally with other writers to promote their publications and improve the quality of their writing
· Poetry poster project for primary and secondary schools
· Weekly readers/writers club
· A Regional women writers residence
· Lobbying and advocacy over literary issues

Future plans
· Establishing annual literary awards to promote literary reporting
· Establishing sustainable literary programmes on radio and television
· Strengthening the network of African women writers associations
· Establishing a research centre on African women’s literary works

Members at a creative writing workshop

Since it’s inception FEMRITE has been able to:
· Publish 30 books (novels, short story anthologies, poetry collections, creative non-fiction and children’s stories)
· Mentor members who have gone on to win national and international literary awards
· Organise the first ever regional women writers residency in Africa
· Visit over 50 secondary schools in promotion of reading campaigns
· Visit over 40 primary schools with children’s   reading tents
Raise funds and sustain the implementation of various literary activities since 1996


Uganda Women Writers’ Association
Plot 147, Kira Road
P.O. Box 705

Tel: (+256) 0414 543943/0772 743943
Email: info@femriteug.org
Website: www.femriteug.org